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>> the fire at yosemite national park so large it can be seen from space. how some camps are being evacuated. we'll tell you why this wildfire is threatening san francisco water supply. snipers firing at u.n. expecters looking for evidence of an alleged chemical attack that killed hundreds in syria. the pentagon sending warships armed with cruise police sills. hundreds of dogs are seized. this is the second largest dog fighting bust in u.s. history. we begin in california where a wildfire, this is the size of chicago, has scorched thousands of acres around the western edge of yosemite national park. more than 3600 firefighters are on the front line. this fire only 15% contained.
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the fire so big it can be seen from space. the fire is really a threat to the place of the park that's quite busy where you have the campers and people that have been planning their vacation for quite some time? >> reporter: it is still about 30 or 40 miles away from yosemmite valley, the heavily visited area. fir officials are very concerned. they say this fire is making an easterly push. i'm not sure if you can see the smoke. you can tell the tree stump completely demolished and destroyed. the fire came through days ago scorching this earth and turning all of it black. you look at this tree stump here. it's still remaining but
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completely damaged by the fire. another reason why they're so concerned now is it's just about 15% contained. it's just in the last couple of days since we've been here this fire has grown more than 30,000 acres. it's still a ways away from yosemite valley but is pushing easterly towards yosemite national park. that's major concern for tourism. >> lost nick there. i want to bring in chad here. when you talk about that fire being the size of chicago, i mean that's really unbelievable when you think about it there. i imagine they will at some point have to warn folks that if they are planning inning vacatiy might have to cancel. >> it's all about wind direction. wind direction so far has been okay. the half dome, that big valley, we all want to go to, is right there. the fire is not here yet. this is monday.
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here is tuesday. i'll make you wednesday, thursday, friday. notice as it's growing toward the northeast, it's not growing this direction. you see a bit of progression but not quick enough. it's still growing rapidly. just on friday, it grew 60 square miles. i know we always talk about 100 this and 150 and that. people don't get a feel for 150,000 acres. you get a feel for the size of chicago. we're talking about how many square miles it is out there. what we see in the fire is it's burning into the granite area to the north. this is all the way up through here. this is now going to be a little bit easier to fight because there's fewer trees up along the granite surfaces where you see all this green here. there's a lot of fire to fight this way in case that wind starts to make a drop to the east. the winds are decent.
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there's just literally no chance of any rain in the forecast. i just don't see it at all. >> chad, 200 miles away. state of emergency in san francisco, how is that being impacted by the fire. that's all part of the water system. there's power being generated up there. when the rain and wind and snow gets up on top of the mountain, that has to run down with gravity. they use that for power as drinking as well. as you start to put ash and get fires in the way of those high tension power line, they have to shut things down. the people are worried about that. this is a major source for everything. >> we're watching closely. u.n. expecters appeinspecto have reached one of the areas of chemical weapons. that's after sniper fire hit one
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of their vehicles forcing a delay. they agreed to grant full access to the neighborhood write they say government forces killed hundreds of people in a nerve gas attack. syrian president assad repeated his denials that his army had anything to do with the use of poison gas saying the area of the claimed attack is in continuity with the syrian army positions. how is it possible that any country would use chemical weapons in an area where its own forces are located. the question is now is it too late for u.n. inspectors to verify whether the chemical weapons were used and who was responsible. i want to bring in chris lawrence with a report. >> reporter: the bombs are falling, the accusations flying. now the pressure is on president obama to defend his red line on
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chemical weapons which rebels claim killed more than a thousands people in syria. >> we cannot sit still. >> reporter: syrian forces shelled so much it corrupted any evidence the u.n. might find this week. a u.s. official tells cnn behind the scenes multiple international sources have collected evidence from that site. the official says the sources took tissue samples and other evidence shortly after the attack. it was being analyzed in secure locations. that's why the white house tone changed so quickly from friday's get the inspectors in to sunday's it's too late to be credible. it's why an administration official sounded so confident in saying there's little doubt at this point that a chemical weapon was used by the syrian regime against civilians.
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the president's newly updated options include cruise missiles launched from one of four navy destroyers or jets firing from outside syrian air space. >> we're prepared to exercise whatever option, if he decides to employ one of those options. >> chris lawrence joins us from the pentagon. tell us some of the options the president is considering. >> some of the potential targets include command bunkers in the delivery systems for weapons such as artillery batteries or missile launchers. on a next level it could go as far as some of the training grounds where assad trains militias or the ground bases that support military operations. all in all i'm told these are limited options that are looking to deter future weapons attacks.
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not in any way to try to overthrow the assad regime. >> we've heard russian officials comparing these allegations to the claims the united states made about weapons of mass destruction in iraq. russia's claim here, does it carry weight when it comes to the international community and how they will deal with syria? >> only in the sense you will not get a plan date from the unite nations security council. there's only two ways to go at this. it's got to be self-defense or you have to have that mandate. without that, what it does is take it from the legal realm to the moral realm and put it more squarely in the realm of what happened in kosovo where this coalition of countries figure that going in and acting would do more good than arm and that's
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the moral justification rather than a legal one you would get through a u.n. mandate. >> we know there are four warships moved into the area. how soon could we see some action from the united states? are we talking about days, weeks, months? >> all signs seem to be pointing it's going to come soon. if you listen to what some of the foreign ministers from france and the united kingdom says it seems to be building toward some sort of action. all these military options depend on the president. that's what they are. they're options. it's the president who has to weigh the risk and then ask the military to draw up a firm option and at that point is when they will start assigning a unit or coming up with a details plan. >> thank you. here is more of what we're working on. more than 300 dogs found emaciated. part of a multi-state dog
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fighting ring that was busted. we'll tell you what else investigators found. congressman john lewis tells a crowd gathered to mark the 50th anniversary on the march on washington that the fight for equal rights is not over. >> we cannot give up. we cannot give out. we cannot give in. >> lewis was the youngest speaker during the 1963 civil rights march and we're going to speak with him about what the movement still needs to accomplish. miley cyrus causing a lot of blushing last night at the vma awards. why parents are now kind of angry. nts and alumni. people like, maria salazar, an executive director at american red cross. or garlin smith, video account director at yahoo. and for every garlin, thousands more are hired by hundreds of top companies.
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a military jury is beginning the sentencing phase for u.s. army major nidal hasan. he could face death for the 2009 massacre at ft. hood texas. hasan represented himself admitted in court he killed 13 people and wounded 32 others. if he's given the death penalty, he will be the first put to death by a military court since
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in 1960s. police in spokane, washington has arrested another suspect in the beating death of a world war ii vet. he is one of two 16-year-olds who police say brutally beat 88-year-old delbert belton during a botched robbery. police say race was not a motive in this attack. victims have settled lawsuits against penn state. this is over the jerry sandusky sex abuse case. they include sandusky's adopted son. he was convicted last year and is serving at least 30 years for child sex abuse. penn state is facing some 30 lawsuits related to his case. the amounts of the settlements are being kept confidential. some victims say they're going to bare scars for the rest of
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their lives. one man known as victim number 7 says quote, despite the settlements, my life will never feel back to normal. if i had the power to go back in time and not ever meet jerry sandusky, i wouldn't hesitate. hundreds of dogs rescued. almost a dozen people under arrest. this happened on friday. tell us how they discovered it and what they found. >> they're not giving any details about how they got into this. they rescued 367 dogs and federal authorities talking about it today in alabama. the way they found out, there was one location where they had 114 of these dogs and it was described by people who were there as these dogs were being chained outside in the hot sun, very deplorable conditions.
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listen to what they had to say. >> the conditions that we found on these properties were consistent with what we've seen in other dog fighting operations throughout the country. we commonly see animals that are kept in deplorable conditions. teethered to he have log cls los in middle of the woods and fields. >> that's 367 dogs. not even close to the record which was over 500 from one raid. in this raid they arrested ten men. seven of them from alabama. it's more than just dog fighting is what federal shoauthorities e describing. it's such a big operation. they will be facing charges about dog fighting but the federal authorities received a half million dollars from those men. they're saying these men were
10:17 am
betting anywhere between 5 and $200,000 on a single dog fight. >> this is big business. what happens to these dogs now that they are discovered them? >> will they offer them to people to adopt or take care of them. >> that's a bit down the road. they will be doing dna evidence to find out if they have offspring at other dog operations to see how far out these operations extend. >> do they think they can save the dogs or does it look like some are in that bad shape? >> we were looking at the pictures. we saw the aspca people carrying them out. some of them were wagging their tails and seem to be in good spirits as they were taken out. some look like they are in good shape. if they are bred for fighting they have scars on the inside as well as outside. >> we'll take a quick break. dad. how did you get here?
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children, video game, violence. is this a deadly mix? this happened in louisiana. the shooter was an 8-year-old boy and the victim his 87-year-old care giver. police say he killed her with the woman's own gun. this happened on thursday. we hear how it all unfolded. >> reporter: a neighborhood is stunned after investigators say an 8-year-old shot and killed his 87-year-old care giver. >> it's a shock to me as much as anyone else because everything's been so peaceful. >> reporter: the little boy said it was an accident but in statement to the media but the sheriff said their evidence has led them together the 8-year-old intentionally shot her in the back of the head as she sat in her living room watching television. police say the boy pulled the trigger minutes after playing the very popular and very violent video game, grand theft
10:22 am
auto 4 which awards points for killing people. >> this this particular instance the direct correlation of the video game playing during the shooting and even on the television when police arrived cannot be overlooked. can you conclusively say it caused him to shoot? we don't know. there's too many variables that work in a child's mind. >> reporter: video game makers say it's unfair and unjustified to blame this on a game. a maker said this is about access to guns, not video games and ascribing a connection to entertainment, a theory that's been disproven by multiple independent studies both palestini minimizes this moment and sidesteps the issue at hand. >> the boy will not face charges even though police say they believe the shooting was intentional but under louisiana law a child under ten is exempt from criminal responsibility.
10:23 am
this past weekend thousands filled the national mall to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the march on washington. civil rights leader and u.s. congressman john lewis was one of the speakers just as he was 50 years ago on the day that martin luther king jr. gave his "i have a dream" speech. we'll talk to him about what today's civil rights politician is all about. the great outdoors... ...and a great deal. grrrr ahhh let's leave the deals to oh my gosh this is so cool... awesome! perfect! save up to 30% plus an extra 12% off with coupon... now until labor day. only at a man who doesn't stand still. but jim has afib, atrial fibrillation -- an irregular heartbeat, not caused by a heart valve problem. that puts jim at a greater risk of stroke.
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natural and herbal immediamedic. the hospital filed for guardianship. a judge denied and the hospital is now appealing. president obama said he is inviting the bookkeeper being called a hero. she took a president just -- call from the president just last week. she talked down the gunman at the georgia school. her congressman proclaimed the day in her honor. the pastor said he was a hero gauze she was living home grown values. >> someone just doing ordinary day job and never giving any thought with trying to make a statement to the world. for that to happen, she became the reality of what we teach. >> the suspect, michael hill,
10:28 am
was armed with an ak-47, 500 rounds of ammunition when he entered the school and held her hostage. she was able to calm him down and get him to surrender. wednesday, marking the 50th anniversary of the famous march on washington back in 1963. these images recall the event that attracted more than 200 tow people to the nation's capital. this was the hallmark of the civil rights movement where h r martin luther king jr. give his "i have a dream speech". the youngest in the middest there, john lewis. fast forward, 50 years. he's congressman john lewis walking in front of the marches. he's been in congress since 1987. saturday he rallied thousands who came to the national mall to
10:29 am
remember that march 50 years ago. >> all of us, it doesn't matter whether we're black or white, latino, asian american, it doesn't matter whether we're straight or gay, we're one people, we're one family. we're one house. we all live in the same house. >> congressman lewis was the last living speaker from the march. he's joining us from washington. so nice to have you here with us. heard a lot of people, got a lot of pictures and tweets from that event. many friends have gathered there. tell us what that moment was like when you saw sea of people on saturday some 50 years later. >> thank you for having me today. it was unbelievable. it reminded me of 50 years ago when we came to washington and i just kept wishing that martin luther king jr. and the other
10:30 am
eight participants, other eight leaders and the so-called big six could have been there. it was moving to see so many young people and grandparents with their grand children there. they all wanted to be there to share and participate in the moment. >> you were close to dr. king. do you think he would believe we were in the right place at a good place when it comes to race relations? >> martin luther king jr. would be very pleased that we come to this point in our history. he would be gratified to see that we have an african-american in the white house and see more members in the congress that are minority. african-american members, latino
10:31 am
member, asian-american members. he would be very disappointed that we still have so much violence in our neighborhoods, in our community, in our country and around the world. there's too much violence. we must end the violence. he would said we need to do something about ending poverty, hunger and joblessness. >> let's talk a bit about that. we know the actual anniversary is on wednesday. the president is going to speak. the '63 march was the march on washington for jobs and freedom. back then you saw unemployment of black, african-americans double than whites. today it remains the same. it's still that statistic. what needs to be done to really help african-americans rise out of poverty as you mention? >> it's important to see that all of our children receive the best possible education. education is a great equalizer. education is the passport out of
10:32 am
poverty and into the middle class. what we need to see that those of us in the congress and those of us in the private sector need to come together and work with president barack obama to put all of our citizens back to work. >> congressman, you mention that president barack obama, african-american president, that there's a lot of progress. some believe there's so much progress we don't need to deal with issues of race. this is an op-ed from bobby jindal just yesterday. he said we place far too much emphasis on our separateness, our heritage, ethnic background, skin color, we live in the age of mexican americans, cuban americans. he said we need to get over that. do you think he has a point here?
10:33 am
do you think our separateness is essential to move forward? >> i think it's important to understand we're not there yet. we'd like to get there. we have not yet laid down the burden of race. race is very much involved in every segment of the american society. the scars and stains of racism are very deep embedded in our society. we cannot escape that. a great black educator, w.e.b.dubois said the problem raise the problem. the 20th century is the color line. it's still the color line in the 21st century. we cannot sweep it under the rug in some dark corner. it's real. >> congressman, i couldn't help but notice, i listen to a lot of these speeches on saturday and we played a portion of your speech. we also heard something similar
10:34 am
and common among your speech, eric holder, martin luther king iii talking about equal rights for same-sex couples. is that something you see as a new fight? >> you cannot in a society, in a democratic society, under the law, have equality for some and not for all. people used to ask martin luther king jr. about interracial marriage and he would says races don't fall in love and get married. individuals fall in love and get married. if two individual, two males or two females fall in love and want to get married, it's their business and no government, no state government, no federal government should tell someone who they should fall in love with and get married. it's their business. >> do you think he would agree with that today? >> i think he would agree with me today. i learned so much from him.
10:35 am
he was my inspiration. he was my leader. >> all right. thank you so much. we appreciate it. we'll be watching on wednesday as well. it's going to be a very big, big event. thank you as always. appreciate it. >> thank you. some republican legislatures are trying to impeach the president but not all republicans agree with that. here what louisiana governor bobby jindal says about it, up next. ♪ [ male announcer ] the parking lot helps by letting us know who's coming. the carts keep everyone on the right track. the power tools introduce themselves. all the bits and bulbs keep themselves stocked. and the doors even handle the checkout so we can work on that thing that's stuck in the thing. [ female announcer ] today, cisco is connecting the internet of everything. so everyone goes home happy. you feel...squeezed. congested. beat down. crushed.
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we're seeing a new split in the gop. there's some republicans talking about trying to impeach president obama. others want the conversation to just end right there. here is louisiana governor bobby jindal weighing in on all this. >> the reality is one of the great things about this country is we have peaceful transfer of power. i disagree with this president's
10:39 am
policies. instead of taulking about impeachment, let's fight against more government spending. we've had decades of these entitlement programs and the challenges of the middle class. it's time for a new approach. let's not talk about impreachment, let's talk about the policies we disagree with. >> i want to bring in wolf blitzer out of washington. when you and i covered the impeachment and acquittal of president clinton, there was a high bar for congress to impeach the president. republicans who are calling for this, they might be upset over obama care or immigration reform but it seems to be quite a stretch, a long way from high crimes and misdemeaners. is there anything saying there's evidence of that? >> no. this is just a fringe element
10:40 am
that's discussing it. usually only in a town hall meeting somebody asks a question and they respond off the sufficiecuff and say something about that. there's only a handful of republicans out there. the speaker of the house john boehner doesn't want this to come up. if you take a look at the top republican leaders in the house of representatives, forget about bobby jindal, if you take a look at the serious leaders there, they're not seriously considering high crimes as an impeachable defense. it's not very serious. no one is taking it all that serious. >> is it just a distraction.
10:41 am
this probably angers those not on the fringe. they want to repeal obama care, deal with the budget, immigration reform. >> there are major issues now. there's a crisis in syria. the president has to make a huge decision in the next few days about whether they launch air strikes against specific targets in syria. he's working on that right now. he's considering all sorts of options with this to national security leaders and republicans appreciate that as well. the talk of impeachment is not really serious although it's obviously entertaining to some. there's no doubt there's a lot of republicans out there, a lot of conservatives who are very upset with the president. it's one things to raise questions about obama care. to suggest the president isn't
10:42 am
guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors. >> the president is under some pressure from friends and foes alike. we see these warships that are moving into the area. can you give us a timetable in terms of when the president might take further action. >> i think the president will have to decide one way or the other in the next 48 hours. one of those options is obviously doing nothing. just continuing the same policy as going forward over the past couple of years. there's some other options on the table that the president is considering. he's already been consulting with the nato allies and others. i suspect they will wait for
10:43 am
official reports from chemical inspectors on the ground in syria right now. the president will make a decision and address the nation and tell us what he's going to do. this is a critical moment in this whole crisis in syria right now. i know that all of this evidence and u.s. officials believe the evidence is strong. this is a decisive week that we're all going to see some major decisions unfold. >> you're absolutely right. 24 to 72 hours, a critical window here. thank you so much. really appreciate it. we're following this story as well. this is the first day of classes for children in chicago and dozens of people are trying to help the kids walk through these crime ridden areas. it's a program called safe passages. we'll find out how it's working.
10:44 am
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heavy rain could trigger more flooding. over the weekend they were stranded. most of the rains came from the remnants of tropical storm ivo which is lingering offshore. in less than an hour from now at the white house, president obama will award the metal of honor for conspicuous
10:47 am
gallantry. he risked his life to save a soldier during a deadly taliban attack almost four years ago. the names of all eight men are engraved on a steel band carter wears on his list. he will be the fifth living medal of honor honored for his actions. congratulations. this is the first day of school for kids in chicago. this comes after a violently week along a safe passage route. the whole idea is to beef up security and safety. a lot of kids have to walk through what is considered gang territory. a teenager was killed over the weekend in that particular safe zone. police are now investigating new shootings. this after 50 schools were closed to save money at the end of the last school year. i want to bring in george howell. he's in chicago to explain how is the first day of school going for a lot of these kids. they need a safe passage just to
10:48 am
get to where they've got to show up on the first day. >> that's got to be tricky and scary for parents and scary for kids as well. thousands of kids going on new routes. we understand that things went smoothly this morning. the safe passage routes are considered to be safe zones in neighbors even when workers are not on the streets protecting kids. over the weekend we know that two of those routes did become the focus of crime scenes. on saturday we understand a 14-year-old boy was shot and killed about a block way from a safe passage route and then on sunday a 28-year-old man was shot in the neck. we believe he's in guarded condition according to police. he was on a safe passage route. don't forget what happened just a week ago. five people who were shot in front of a church. one of those victims died. that happened on a safe passage
10:49 am
route. chicago public officials point out that none of these shootings happened during safe passage hours. they say the safe passage program is a successful program. no child has been injured or killed since the program started back in 2008. >> george, it's amazing. back in the day we had crossing guards to help us get across the street. you have a whole area where you have people who are being paid, contracted out to make sure that these kids can simply just get to school without being harmed. >> yeah. that's the thing. parents are certainly happen that the program is in place. we understand that some are worried and some even made their own safe passage route if they didn't like the route designated for them. >> we wish those kids all the best. you'll let us know as they get out of school how they end up getting back home as well. donald trump's real estate school under attack. new york prosecutors are calling it a bait and switch scam. here how trump is firing back.
10:50 am
you have time to shop for car insurance today? yeah. i heard about progressive's "name your price" tool? i guess you can tell them how much you want to pay and it gives you a range of options to choose from. huh? i'm looking at it right now. oh, yeah? yeah. what's the... guest room situation? the "name your price" tool, making the world a little more progressive.
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donald trump might know real estate. according to the attorney general of new york, trump doesn't know business school. >> if you're going to achieve anything, you have to take action. and action is what trump university is all about. but action is just a small part of trump university. trump university is about knowledge, about a lot of
10:53 am
different things. above all, it's about how to become successful. >> trump's school now faces a $40 million lawsuit. it is accused of scamming students out of tens of thousands of dollars. i want to bring in alison kosik from the new york stock exchange to talk about this pretty high profile lawsuit. the attorney general, he's a democrat. trump a republican. anybody calling politics? >> trump is quoting politics on this, saying he thinks this lawsuit is politically motivated. you look at this lawsuit. it is quite the bombshell lawsuit. one the trump camp says at this point is without merit. it accuses trump of fraud. the new york state attorney general says students who went to trump's investment school were essentially given empty promises. the state is suing trump for $40 million for what it says the school wrongly took from people who attended classes. the lawsuit alleges a bait and switch with trump using his well known name to mislead prospective students.
10:54 am
both were on -- both sneiderman and trump were on "new day" this morning defending each of their sides. listen to what they had to say. >> we've had the testimony, sworn testimony of the former president of trump university who says -- i mean, mr. trump claims he wrote the curriculum and was very involved. he said it himself. the president said he insisted on seeing all the promotional materials, trump, and he was the pitchman. he was in all the videos. people came to the seminars thinking they were going to meet him. in fact, all they got was a chance to stand next to a life size poster of mr. trump to make it appear as though they had met him. >> we have a and had a great school. the school did a terrific job. 98% approval. of course, he doesn't mention this. we sort of gave a report card on ourselves to every student that took the course. we had a 98% -- if you go to wharton, you go to harvard, they don't have a 98% approval rating. we had a 98% approval rating, chris.
10:55 am
>> alison? >> suzanne, what i wanted to say was that the lawyer for trump says that at this point this is a cheap publicity stunt. suzanne? >> alison, thanks. we appreciate it. miley cyrus shocking parents and fans alike. this is over the weekend. with her dirty dancing at the video music awards last night. what parents say that she just went too far. hey love.
10:56 am
[off screen] there you are. [speaking german] hi, grandpa! [off screen] give me a kiss! [speaking mandarin] what do you think? do you like it? [off screen] happy birthday! can you see that? [speaking polish] [off screen] did he apologize? [off screen] thanks, micah! [off screen] bye, guys. bye. see ya. oh my god!
10:57 am
every day, more people connect face to face on the iphone than any other phone. i miss you. we believe it can be the most valuable real estate on earth. ♪ that's why we designed the subaru forester from the back seat forward. the intelligently designed, responsibly built, completely restyled subaru forester. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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♪ okay. miley cyrus. robin thicke. last night's video music awards all the buzz today. 20-year-old cyrus taking to the stage with kind of a skimpy outfit there. she first was dancing with bears. then the blurred lines singer. this was just one memorable moment in a show that was full of them. nischelle turner, she's got the inside story. >> reporter: a beloved boy band got a big welcome back. n sync reunion became reality, finally, at sunday's mtv video music awards. you might be a little excited about n sync? >> a little too excited. >> reporter: it was a night full of moments for justin timberlake. he capped off a 20 hit medley of his hits by receiving an award
10:59 am
from jimmy fallon. the show famous for surprises had a few more to offer. lady fgaga returning to live performing after hip surgery in april opened the broadcast with four costume stages while performing "applause." and, somehow, seemed tame when compared to miley cyrus. while singing "blurred lines" with robin thicke, a stripped down cyrus got r rated with a foam finger. m macklemore took home best hip hop video for "can't hold us" and "same love," a marriage equality anthem. ♪ not only were you making fun music. you were making socially conscious music, too. >> right. at the same damn time. >> at the same damn time! >> reporter: taylor swift lit up twitter after appearing to utter an expletive when one direction and rumored former love interest hairy styles appeared on stage.
11:00 am
the more than two-hour show wrapped with a live katy perry concert under the iconic brooklyn bridge. ♪ >> all right. that was nischelle turner reporting from new york. that is it for me. have a great afternoon. wolf blitzer takes it from here. >> thanks very much, suzanne. i'm wolf blitzer here in washington. we're following special coverage this hour of two significant events happening live in the nation's capital. up first, in just moments, history in the making over at the white house. president obama kbeti inggettino award an army staff sergeant just 33 years old with the nation's highest military recognition, the medal of honor. staff sergeant ty carter will be the fifth living resip sip yent to get the honor for actions in iraq or afghanistan. you're about to hear his chilling story of courage and heroism during a fire f

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